Trialer, Multi. Champion & Winner Maybe Forever The One And Only  18/10/2015   ***TOM***

Mejor golden retriever joven de España año 2016.

Mejor retriever de España 2018

Mejor golden retriever de España 2019.

  • Health

Hip: 3-3  Elbows: 0-0  Eyes: Clear (16/07/2019)&(18/01/18)&(12/01/17)  Pra1+2: Clear   Ichtiosis: Clear.

  • Performances

-Trialer -Spain Champion. -French Champion 🇫🇷 -Dutch Champion 🇳🇱 -Portugal Champion 🇵🇹 -Luxemburg Champion 🇱🇺 -Belgium Champion 🇧🇪 -Gibraltar Champion 🇬🇮 -Swiss Show Champion 🇨🇭 -Swiss Beauty Champion 🇨🇭 -International Beauty Champion (C.I.B.) -International Show Champion (C.I.E.) -Spain Junior Champion -Belgian Junior Champion -Gibraltar Junior Champion -Campeón joven macho del Club Español de Retrievers 2016.

-BIS Luxembourg Spring Show 2019 (3.262 entries) -BIS International show of Navarra 2018 -BIS Spanish Club Show 2019 -BIS French Club Show 2018. -BIS Ulster Golden Retriever Club 50th Anniversary Championship Show. -BIS Luxemburg Club Show 2017 -BIS Portugal Club Show 2019 -BIS At the 30th Retriever Happening of WTP in Belgium
-BIS 8 Especializada retriever Clube Portugal , Elvas 2018.

-BOB Swiss Club show 2018. -BOB at Spain Championship Point (Madrid 2018) under Kim Ellis. -CAC At 37 eme Nationale d’élevage des Retrievers (France) -«Futures Stanroph Memorial Trophy 2016» – Alpensieger 2017 – Bundessieger 2017 -BPISS in Dutch 60th anniversary Club show -Bobjunior 33 E. Internacional Canina de Otoño (Championship point) -BJISS 13ª E.C. Club show de Retrievers Portugal. -Best male from junior class at Monográfica B de Málaga. -BJISS XIX Club show de Retriever Spain. – BOB (best of breed) at the international show in Alicante (with only 13 months)

-Qualified for Crufts for life. 2BIS, 7 BISs, 1 RBIS, 32 x BOB, 5 x BOS, 19CACIB, 5RCACIB, 32CAC, 7RapeelCAC. 2CC, 1RCC, 6 RCAC, 2 x JrBIS 10 x CCJ, 9 x Best Junior.

  • Pedigree

Pedigree  of  TOM

Trialer J.Ch. Maybe Forever Perfect Imperfections 28/10/2018


Top Puppy golden retriever 2019 en España

  • Health

Hip: 4-4  Elbows: 0-0  Eyes: Clear (16/07/19)  Pra1+2: Clear   Ichtiosis: Carrier.

  • Performances

Trialer, -Gibraltar Junior Champion. –BIS junior Castuera dog show 2019BIS pupy Sonseca dog show 2019BIS baby Spanish Club Show 2019BIS baby Portugal Club Show 2019BOB baby Spain Championship Point (Madrid 2019) -BOB (best of breed) Castuera Dog Show 2019 (with only 11 months) 1 BOB, 1 x JrBIS, 1puppyBIS, 10 x CCJ, 7 x Best Junior.

Gibraltar Junior Ch. Maybe Forever Leonidas   29/06/2009   *** LEO ***

  • Health

Hip: 6-3  Elbows: 0-0  Eyes: Clear   Pra1+2: Clear

  • Performances

Junior Champion of Gibraltar, Puppy Porto Winner. 2 BOB, 1CACIB, 2 CAC, 3 RCAC, 4 BOBpuppy.

  • Pedigree 

Pedigree of Leo

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